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Do you want to...

...Have a high performing team?

...Tell compelling stories?

...Present like a pro?

We deliver practical, effective and (dare we say it) fun training for teams and individuals


Learn the skills of a high performing team and apply them to your workplace. Tune up your team's 'team-ness' and get the most out of your work together.



Increase your engagement and impact by telling better stories. Activate your listening for effective communication.

1:1 presentation coaching

Practical, enjoyable and tailored coaching to help you stand out with confidence and ease in your next presentation or pitch

what our clients say...

'I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that without using the storytelling techniques introduced to us by Rachael we would not have enjoyed such a hugely successful transformation.'

Matt Lee, COO Qantas, CEO OACIS

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Sometimes you come across a person who you just know is at the top of their game: talented, knowledgeable, and creative. Rachael is all of these and more. Over a number of years I worked with Rachael on various corporate workshops, conferences and events. She was always up for a challenge, not fazed at all by complex topics. Participants always found her to be fun, engaging and attentive.'

Viv McWaters, Creative Facilitation

'Your service was invaluable to my work, gave me a ton of confidence in an area I’ve not had to be in before.

Eleanor Riley, Dunedin City Council


Yes Lets is led by Rachael Dubois, a facilitator and theatre maker from Tāmaki Makaurau. Rachael is a first generation Pākeha. Her ancestors are from England and her parents migrated to Aotearoa in the 1970’s.

Rachael’s 20 year performing career evolved into facilitation when she discovered the incredible overlap that performing and improvisation skills have for organisational contexts, such as teamwork, communication, leadership and presentation.

Rachael has a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts from UNITEC, Auckland. She's been a lead facilitator and Artistic Director of Melbourne Playback Theatre Company, an Associate Facilitator with Polykala and Batley Evans consultancy firms in Australia and Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Tāhono in Aotearoa.

Rachael has worked with hundreds of community, corporate, government and education organisations across Aotearoa and Australia. She is a playful, gentle facilitator who is skilled at giving teams practical tools to maximise their 'team-ness' and storytelling skills, as well as 1:1 individualised coaching for engaging presentations.

Her mission is to support people to get the most out of their communication and to connect to themselves and their community authentically.


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our services...

Dream team workshop

Are you looking for a way to tune up your team’s performance in a fun, supportive environment?

Do you want your team to work seamlessly together, even when faced with obstacles?

Can you see the potential of the work you do but wish your team could deliver with more impact, joy and creativity?

Book a DreamTeam workshop to supercharge your team’s connection and communication

DreamTeam workshops are designed using play-based learning, drawing from the performer’s toolkit. Practise the skills of a high-performing team and apply them to your unique workplace and industry.

Warning: though we draw from the performer’s toolkit, this training is NOT designed to turn you into actors or performers. Also beware, you may have a lot of fun.

  • Learn the elements of teamwork and how to apply them to your work
  • Develop awareness of how you and your team can operate more effectively
  • Add skills to your toolkit in clear messaging, idea creation, and leading and following

The DreamTeam workshop is a fresh, fun and creative way to build your team’s team-ness - their ability to work well together and improve the quality of their connections.

The workshop is full of games, play and activities designed to increase cohesion and performance. Teams will reflect on their habits, strengths and areas for development in a fun and supportive environment.

Topics covered

7 Principles of improvisation / Leading and following / The power of yes in innovation /

Clear messaging / Productive play

"Rachael facilitated a workshop at our recent Facilitation Festival and it was one of the highlights of the programme. Not only that, from an organiser’s perspective, Rachael was super easy to work with and she delivered exactly to brief. We will definitely be working with Rachael again.” Kerri Price, Founder, The Facilitators Network

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our services...

storytelling workshops

Is your organisation full of great stories?

Do you want use storytelling to engage your clients and colleagues?

Do you want to up-skill your storytelling in a creative and fun way?

Book a Storytelling workshop to sharpen up your team’s confidence and

competence in harnessing the power of story in your work.

  • Understand why stories grab attention and influence behaviour
  • Practise how to structure and deliver a compelling story
  • Plan when and how to use storytelling in your organisation for maximum impact

Learn the skills of crafting and delivering a story through accessible games and exercises from the performer’s toolkit. Boost your listening skills and learn how to incorporate metaphor, imagery and intention into your storytelling.

Topics covered

Universal story structure / Keys to a compelling story / The brain on storytelling / Story delivery and audience engagement / 5 elements of active listening

"I cannot recommend the use of storytelling more strongly to anyone considering leading a change initiative and wanting to create a significant and sustainable impact on their teams." Matt Lee

our services...

1:1 Presentation coaching

Do you have an upcoming presentation or pitch?

Do you want to nail it?

Do you want support to prepare so you not only make an impact, but you even have a good time while you're doing it?

Get personalised coaching for your next presentation from start to finish.

In 3-5 coaching sessions you will get step by step guidance and support as you plan, prepare and deliver your presentation. Sessions can be in person, online or a combo of both.

  • Structure your presentation so that it is clear and achieves your goals
  • Tips and guidance on how to write and edit your presentation, with support and feedback along the way
  • Coaching and skill building in vocal and physical communication so you present with energy, confidence and yes, even joy!

It's time to let go of the fear of presenting. You have something valuable to offer the world, so don't let your worries get in the way - help is here.

Get personalised support and coaching so that when the big day comes you are ready, confident and looking forward to sharing your message with the world.

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Topics covered

Goal setting / Writing prompts and methods / Editing and feedback / Vocal and physical presentation / Mindset preparation / Rehearsal and coaching / Debrief and reflection

'Rachael’s guidance was exactly what I needed for this important presentation, it gave me the confidence in my work to feel calm and prepared before the presentation.' Eleanor Riley

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Book a free call to discuss your objectives and how we could support you to get what you want.

We tailor all our training to our client's needs and are well connected to facilitators in Aotearoa and Australia, so if we can't help, we'll recommend someone who can.


022 542 7057